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Job opportunities for doctors in Australia remain plentiful

Aussie Doctor Demand Remains Strong

May 2018

LinkedIn Article By Skilled Medical's Managing Director, Dr David Campbell

Notwithstanding the ongoing efforts to increase the supply of doctors in Australia, the underlying demand for medical professionals continues to remain strong. Of the top 20 hard-to-fill job types listed on Indeed Australia, several are medical and health care professionals. See

Skilled Medical has one of Australia's largest medical job boards whereby we receive vacancies and advertise medical jobs for health service clients in all states and territories of Australia. During the past 5 years our job listings show continuing strong demand for doctors. The table (below) of job vacancies for the first 4 months of the past 5 years shows vacancies listed by Skilled Medical from January to April - a time when health services have largely completed their annual recruitment drives. These data show continued growth, with our listings this year - from January to April 2018 - being the highest on record.

Year - No. of Skilled Medical Jobs Listed (Locum & Permanent Jobs)
(From 1 January to 30 April each year)
2014 - 1616 jobs
2015 - 2792 jobs
2016 - 3034 jobs
2017 - 2662 jobs
2018 - 4632 jobs

Care should be taken in extrapolating these data, and overall demand should be considered in the light of other medical job vacancy data sets. However, as we actively list job vacancies from across Australia, our job data demonstrate that work opportunities for doctors remain plentiful and demand is likely to remain strong for several years to come.

Our current job board from which the data are sourced can be viewed at

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