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Established in 2005, Skilled Medical is a leading medical recruitment firm that provides recruitment and placement services to public and private health services, to GP clinics and to the corporate sector. We take our medical workforce responsibilities seriously and seek to build trusted service relationships. Skilled Medical's background and reputation, market reach and online presence helps us to attract, supply and retain the best quality medical professionals.

Our clients range from small medical clinics to major public sector health services, including regional health authorities in all states of Australia, District Health Boards in New Zealand and National Health Service Trusts in the UK. We have built a strong reputation within the industry, delivering qualified staff of all levels and specialties to hundreds of health clients. Our client care commitment helps us deliver the best qualified and fully compliant staff to meet locum or permanent medical staffing needs. We also undertake transnational medical recruitment between the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand with dedicated permanent recruitment staff in our London and Melbourne offices. 

Skilled Medical has the following supplier and contract arrangements:

Australia and New Zealand

  • Approved Supplier of Locum Medical Staff to NSW Health
  • Approved Supplier of Locum and Permanent Medical Staff to WA Country Health Services
  • Approved Supplier of Locum and Permanent Medical Staff to Victorian health services
  • Approved Supplier to Deliver Locum Medical Services in South Australia
  • Service contract supplier to QLD, NT, ACT and TAS health services
  • Service contract supplier to New Zealand District Health Boards

United Kingdom

  • Awarded supplier of medical locums under the NHS Workforce Alliance Framework
  • Panel supplier of clinical health professionals under the NHS CPP National Clinical Staffing Framework
  • Sub-contractor supplier of medical staff under Crown Commercial Services Framework

As an industry-audited and ISO:9001 quality accredited firm, we strive for the highest compliance and quality levels and invest in the overall governance of our services by providing medical executive oversight of all our placement, compliance and quality functions.

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Skilled Medical is an international medical recruitment, placement and services firm that delivers qualified medical professionals wherever they are needed in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.