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What our doctors said in our 2022 year survey

Skilled Medical sets out to recruit and retain doctors with the aim of developing lasting professional relationships.

Each year we survey the hundreds of doctors who work with us to gain insight and ideas on how to further improve our services.

Here are some of the comments made by doctors on our 2022 Doctor Satisfaction Survey form:

  • Very professional, I feel appreciated for my medical knowledge, skills, and my flexibility.

  • Very satisfied for the service and all go above and beyond expectations.

  • Honestly, not a single bad experience.

  • Love your work team, very happy.

  • Courteous and professional staff.

  • Prompt and professional.

  • My recruitment consultant is great, love dealing with him.

  • Skilled Medical offer a good service. Quick and responsive and find good jobs.

  • I've found Skilled Medical staff to be very professional.

  • Your accounts, compliance and travel teams are amazing, smart and so much common sense.

  • I've recommended the company to anyone who talks to me about medical locum work because of the experience I've had with Skilled Medical.

  • Really appreciate the communication and not feeling bombarded by emails and calls.

  • They understand my needs and sort out any issues promptly.

  • Good efficient service and very helpful organisation.

  • Professional, approachable and accommodating.

  • Excellent well connected knowledgeable staff, well organised.

  • Helped with Visa sponsorship options.

  • Professional, efficient and friendly.

  • My recruitment consultant is great.

  • Fast to respond to emails and communicate as appropriate.

  • I cannot think of any potential improvements.


Skilled Medical is an international medical recruitment, placement and services firm that delivers qualified medical professionals wherever they are needed in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.