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Skilled Medical Opens Its UK Business in London

March 2015

Skilled Medical, one of Australia's largest and most respected medical recruitment and services firms, has opened an office in London as part of a plan to establish a full-service medical recruitment service in the United Kingdom.

A new office has been set up and staffed in the medical precinct of central London with the aim of providing locum and permanent doctors to the National Health Service hospital and general practices, and to the private sector.

The Director of Skilled Medical, Dr David Campbell, said that a significant effort had gone into planning for the UK business which included the development of the website, development of the UK version of the company's placement management system and trade marking and IP protection.

"There is considerable demand for locum medical staff across the NHS and private sectors and we believe Skilled Medical can apply its know-how, brand and service model successfully in the UK market" Dr Campbell said. The UK office will also allow Skilled Medical to enhance cross-flow work opportunities for doctors wishing to take up permanent or locum roles in either the UK or in Australia and New Zealand.

Skilled Medical is an international medical recruitment, placement and services firm that delivers qualified medical professionals wherever they are needed in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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