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Training of Indigenous Doctors Supported by Skilled Medical Award of $5000

February 2015

The training of Indigenous medical students at the University of NSW Medical School in Sydney has been a growing success story. Its achievements in recruiting and retaining Aboriginal students is largely due to UNSW’s unique Indigenous support program and scholarships, including an annual award of $5,000 provided by Skilled Medical.

In addition, the medical students receive dedicated social support services provided by the Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Unit and the Rural Clinical School. Of the record six Indigenous doctors who graduated in December 2014 – the largest number ever in one year - two graduates received scholarships from The Balnaves Foundation, and one from Skilled Medical. The Managing Director of Skilled Medical, Dr David Campbell, said he was very pleased that Skilled Medical was able to play a part in helping to train more Aboriginal doctors. "We believe that Aboriginal doctors will play an important role in planning and delivering health services to Indigenous Australians and will help in bridging the gap in Aboriginal health disadvantage in Australia" Dr Campbell said.

Skilled Medical’s scholarship is a $5,000 award provided on an annual basis to a medical student selected after undertaking work in their local community or communities more generally, that help to improve Aboriginal health.

The University of NSW Scholarships Office has awarded the 2015 Skilled Medical Award for Advancement in Indigenous Health to Brylie Frost.

The Skilled Medical Award for Advancement in Indigenous Health at the UNSW is funded through the company's Social Responsibility Program

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