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UNSW Awards First Skilled Medical Indigenous Health Grant

August 2012

The Skilled Medical Award for the Advancement of Indigenous Health - The University of NSW Faculty of Medicine – 2012 to 2018

Advancing indigenous medical education and health care

As part of our commitment to improving indigenous health care, Skilled Medical is funding for an annual award of $5000 at the University of New South Wales Medical Faculty for indigenous medical students who undertake a project in their local community aimed at improving health outcomes. The University of NSW has an active programme for indigenous medical students and Skilled Medical expects its award will assist medical students complete their studies while making a difference to the health of their communities.

The University of NSW Faculty of Medicine is one of Australia's largest and most diverse medical faculties with innovative medical teaching and research programs, including those for indigenous health. It is closely affiliated with many top Australian hospitals, research institutes and health care organisations.

The Skilled Medical Award for the Advancement of Indigenous Health is supported by a $35,000 donation for 6 annual awards of $5,000 each and is aimed at recognising indigenous students who have demonstrated a commitment and contribution to advancing positive health outcomes in their local community or more broadly in indigenous communities. This could include, but is not limited to, volunteer work, program development, project leadership or academic research.

A selection panel comprised of the Head of Rural Clinical School UNSW Medicine, Manager, UNSW Scholarships, Director, Muru Marri Indigenous Health Unit, UNSW Medicine (Indigenous representative) and Director of Skilled Medical will make the award in accordance will the following selection criteria:

The initiation, implementation and/or participation in a project or body of work that demonstrates commitment and contribution to the promotion of positive health outcomes in their Indigenous community and/or in broader Indigenous communities. The Award application is to be assessed by a 1500-2000 word essay and letters of support from three independent referees who can attest to the value of the work."

The first award was made for the 2012 academic year and awarded to Lose Pouvala.

Additional recipients of Skilled Medical's Award for the Advancement of Indigenous Health include:

2013 Murray Haar

2014 Jessica Wade

2015 Brylie Frost

2016 Brylie Frost

2017 Russell Thompson

2018 Megan Torpey

Dr David Campbell, Managing Director of Skilled Medical and an alumnus of the UNSW Medical School said "We are pleased to be able to put resources back into medical education to help indigenous medical students complete their studies and make a contribution to advancing health in their communities."

The Skilled Medical Award for Advancement in Indigenous Health at the UNSW is funded through the company's Social Responsibility Program

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