Specialist Anaesthetist

Northern NSW

19 Sep 2022 - 23 Dec 2022



  • 07:00-18:00
  • No on call
  • A range of dates available


A Northern NSW hospital requires a Specialist in Anaesthetics from 19/09/2022 to 23/12/2022.

Mon 19/09/2022
Wed 21/09/2022
Thurs 22/09/2022
Fri 23/09/2022
Mon 26/09/2022
Tue 27/09/2022
Wed 28/09/2022
Thurs 29/09/2022
Fri 30/09/2022

Tue 4/10/2022
Wed 5/10/2022
Thurs 6/10/2022
Fri 7/10/2022
Mon 10/10/2022
Tue 11/10/2022
Wed 12/10/2022
Thurs 13/10/2022
Fri 14/10/2022
Mon 17/10/2022
Tue 18/10/2022
Wed 19/10/2022
Thurs 20/10/2022
Fri 21/10/2022
Mon 24/10/2022
Tue 25/10/2022
Wed 26/10/2022
Thurs 27/10/2022
Fri 28/10/2022
Mon 31/10/2022

Wed 2/11/2022
Thurs 3/11/2022
Fri 4/11/2022
Mon 7/11/2022
Tue 8/11/2022
Wed 9/11/2022
Thurs 10/11/2022
Fri 11/11/2022
Mon 14/11/2022
Tue 15/11/2022
Wed 16/11/2022
Thurs 17/11/2022
Fri 18/11/2022
Mon 21/11/2022
Tue 22/11/2022
Wed 23/11/2022
Thurs 24/11/2022
Fri 25/11/2022
Mon 28/11/2022
Tue 29/11/2022
Wed 30/11/2022

Thurs 1/12/2022
Fri 2/12/2022
Mon 5/12/2022
Tue 6/12/2022
Wed 7/12/2022
Thurs 8/12/2022
Fri 9/12/2022
Mon 12/12/2022
Tue 13/12/2022
Wed 14/12/2022
Thurs 15/12/2022
Fri 16/12/2022
Mon 19/12/2022
Tue 20/12/2022
Wed 21/12/2022
Thurs 22/12/2022
Fri 23/12/2022

Lists routinely commence 0700hours each day and go to 1800hours
At this time there is no rostered on call but this may change in the future.
Any change will be negotiated prior to the change

We are prepared to pay a daily rate of $3500/day for the right candidate (24hour period) all-inclusive.
We will provide accommodation if available, hire car and reimburse reasonable travel.

For further information about this job, please contact Henry Davis on 1300 900 100.

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