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What our Doctors said in our 2021 survey

Skilled Medical sets out to recruit and retain doctors with the aim of developing lasting professional relationships.

Each year we survey the hundreds of doctors who work with us to gain insight and ideas on how to further improve our services.

Here are some of the comments made by doctors on our 2021 Doctor Satisfaction Survey form:

  • Skilled Medical in my opinion is by far the best locum agency.

  • Excellent service, very professional and always willing to assist.

  • Spectacular and excellent agency.

  • My Consultant helped me with my PR Visa sponsorship.

  • Skilled Medical treats everybody on merit.

  • Provide feedback to doctors following placement.

  • Skilled Medical go above and beyond, provide genuine care and great communication. Cannot praise them enough.

  • My Consultant constantly goes above and beyond, even when on leave she has made plans to have me looked after.

  • Always has very good service.

  • Friendly and professional.

  • I love the incredible speed your people work.

  • Skilled Medical are my first agency and I’ve never had any reason to change.

  • Really proactive with locums.

  • Organisational and professional support provided.

  • My Consultant totally looks after my work life.

  • I work with Skilled Medical because of their courteous and professional staff, reputation of Skilled Medical and scope of work opportunities available.

  • Provided me with help with my PR Visa sponsorship

  • I have been with Skilled Medical for a while and have come to expect the awesome job done they do.

  • Skilled Medical has never missed any payments for me over the years.

  • My Consultant has been good to me over the years looking after my portfolio.


Skilled Medical is an international medical recruitment, placement and services firm that delivers qualified medical professionals wherever they are needed in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.